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Our Services & Our Workflow for Food Processing Machine & Food Packing Machine

Company News
Our Services & Our Workflow for Food Processing Machine & Food Packing Machine
Latest company news about Our Services & Our Workflow for Food Processing Machine & Food Packing Machine

Our Services

The completed work-flow and services are 3 main parts: Pre-sale; On-sale; After-sale.


1) Online Consult Service

Customers Service staff is always 12 hours online during the day working time, and is always ready to answer each client's questions, and fully handle client's requirements through online chatting.


2) Social Media Service

We offer many online contact ways of Social Media, such as Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, V Kontakte, Google+, and others. Client can choose a suitable one to contact with us online, or just directly leave messages.


3) Technical & Solution Service

After receiving client's inquiry, both our Sales Team and our Tech Team will work together, and reply client's precious inquiry SOON.

The “SOON” means that:

Day Working Time: Less than 1 hour;

Night Off Working Time: No more than 12 Hours, based on the various Time

Difference between client’s location and China.


4) Technical & Solution Service, Accurate Quotation Service.

Once receiving client's actual situation & accurate requirements, our experienced

Overseas Marketing Salesman will professionally recommend the most suitable

machine to client, with our official quotation & Technical Parameters.

If there's no suitable machine for client's requirements, our Tech Team will make a new design fully as per client's various requirements, and calculate the most competitive price, make the detailed Technical Parameters, then our Sales Team will edit them to official documents in English language, and finally offer them to client.


























5) PI (Proforma Invoice) Service

After discussing all the necessary and important issues, client will confirm our

quotation, and our salesman will make the official PI(Proforma Invoice) and send to client for signing.


6) CI (Commercial Invoice) Service

Once sign the PI, it means our side accept client's order. And our side will make an official CI(Commercial Invoice) and offer to client, which is the necessary document for client both when pay the deposit in bank, and do the Customs Clearance in the Customs Agency of destination port.


7) Multi-currency Accounts Service

Our company have 3 different types accounts: USD, EURO, GBP. Client can freely choose the suitable account to transfer the payments.

Our bank inform our accountant that our company account receive the deposit from client, the order will be placed our factory at once.


8) QC Service (Quality Control)

Before Manufacture Process starts, Materials Purchasing Department will choose

the high quality materials for client's order. Our materials suppliers are long term

partners who cooperate with us for many years, so the materials quality is reliable and controllable.

What's more, Our own QC staff will carefully and strictly check each process before the parts move to next process. And each part will be marked by the worker name, if there's any problem found in the next process, the unqualified parts will be sent back to the corresponding responsible worker to revise, until reach the qualified standard. This ensures all the processes are traceable, and finally reduce the Unqualified Rate as low as possible.

Besides, our company also edit the completed and viable Quality Assurance Plan

each year based on the actual situation of the past year, and it will also be offered to clients, together with our official quotation and Technical Parameters.


9) Lead Time Control Service

Once Materials Purchasing Process finish, Factory Director will make a Progress

Plan Schedule. As per this schedule, client will see and know clearly about the whole Lead Time, and the detailed time which each process will take. It will be also sent to client by our salesman.

Meanwhile, real photos of each process will be took from our factory workshop, and sent to client each day, to make sure client can see the practical progress each day of client order.


10) Factory Inspection Service

After order completed, our professional engineers from our Tech Team will test each machine of client's order, to make sure each one is in good condition before loading.

The practical pictures and videos of inspection will be sent to client for checking.

Only receiving client's confirm, our side will make a Factory Inspection Report with all the practical data of test, and sealed with our factory's official seal, to ensure its validity.


11) Third Party Inspection Service

If client want to do the Third Party Inspection in addition, our factory also can

accept the “Third Party Inspection”. Client can appoint any trustworthy “Third

Party Inspect Agency” in advance.

When client's machines are all 100% manufacture completed, and approx. 80% are packed, our side will inform client, and then client can send the inspector to our factory to do the “Third Party Inspection”, and check the machines as per the AQL standard client required, finally offer the Inspect Report to client, to make sure the quality is conforming to original requirements.

In case that the inspector report any unsuitable problem, no matter material issue,

color issue, or packing issue, client can feedback it to us at once, and our side will adjust and handle it at once, until it perfectly satisfy client.


12) Factory Audit Service

For the order of large quantity, our factory also can offer the Factory Audit Service. Before placing the order, client can come to our factory, see and check the actual situation, including workshop condition, manufacturing equipment, workers quantity, factory area, sample showroom and so on.

Our General Director and our Factory Director will arrange the audit visit, and accompany with client all the time.


13) Packing Protection Service

Each completed and assembled machine will be packed by Double Protection:

Inner Packing Protection with Soft packing materials;

Outer Packing Protection with Carton or Wooden Case.

All packing materials are conforming to exporting packing standard.


14) Drop Test Service

For the machines with small sizes, the outer packing is the 5 layers Corrugated Carton. And if client need, we can also offer the Drop Test Service strictly as per the ISTA Standard, no matter choose 1A, 2A or 3A, to make sure our carton packing will protect the machines from any damage.


15) Container and Ship Space Booking Service

Our Logistics Department can book the container and ship space for client's order in advance, before the loading date. Our long-term forwarder partner is very professional and experienced, with a glory reputation among the main ship-own companies. So, we can get the most competitive freight cost from any ship-own company which client prefer.


16) Loading Protection Service

A wooden pallet will be added to the bottom of the outer wooden case, to fix the

wooden case firmly on the base floor of container with some special foot nails.

Meanwhile, the fasten belt also be connected with the walls of container, to avoid the shaking during shipping.














17) Ship Departure Notice Service

Once order machines loaded in container and delivered to the loading port, our

Logistics Department will keep in touch with our forwarder closely, and after ship departure, our salesman will offer client the official Ship Departure Notice, includes ETD (Estimated Time of Departure), ATD (Actual Time of Departure), ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), for client's reference.


18) Real-time update for Freight Trace Service

During the freight in the sea, our Logistics will check, search and trace the accurate location of the ship by the Vessel Number, and the picture of location will be also sent to client every day, to make sure client know clearly about the delivery progress of the machines.

Besides, when ship near the destination port, client can prepare for the Customs

Clearance issues in advance.


19) Customs Clearance Service

After all the balance payments finished, our side will offered all the necessary

documents for Customs Clearance by international express, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS, Aramex, or any express client prefer.


20) Installation Guide Service

As for some small model machines, or those machines with simple function, User Manual in English language will be sent to client together with the Customs Clearance documents. And meanwhile, some necessary and detailed videos for maintaining, installation or operation also can be offered.

If possible, patient instruction online is also be provided.


21) Overseas Installation & Train Service

As for some large and complicated machines/equipment, our Tech Team can offer the Overseas Installation & Train Service, and directly go to client's factory. All our engineers have the passport, so they can be offered to do the installation, commissioning, test, trial run and training workers for client. Until no any question or problem from client, they will leave client's factory.


22) Warranty Service

Each machine or equipment from our factory will has a warranty of 12 months

validity period, after Testing and normal Trial Run.


23) Spare Parts for Free Service

Except the damages caused by worker's improper operation, spare parts will be provided for lifespan, and client only need to take the express charge.




*All the above information are to explain each step in the whole Foreign Trading Work-flow, and make each foreign client get a general understanding for the Foreign Trading, especially the client who do the Foreign Trading for the first time, and not familiar with the Importing Processes from China.


*All the above services will be offered to each client perfectly step by step. Our professional & experienced staff will handle each issue for each client patiently and efficiently.


*Any question, no matter the Technical Issue or the Sales Issue, please feel free to inform and contact with our staff, a satisfactory reply will always be offered soon.

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